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Hair Transplant
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Hair Transplant
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Welcome to Harley Hair Transplant Clinic
of harley street, london

Harley Hair Restoration Clinic is part of Harley Cosmetic Group, London that is a medical institute that associates with successful names of highly qualified and experienced hair experts, trichologists and hair transplant surgeons who practice with the most advanced and FDA approved mainstream FUT and FUE hair restoration (Hair Transplant) surgeries making us one of the leading hair restoration clinic London.

At Harley Hair Restoration Clinic we understand that every individual is different from other, and that's why our surgeons regard every patient with a personalized consultation session listening, discussing and evaluating the roots of one's problem individually and advising what's best for them. A hair restoration surgery can only performed on the patient who has enough hair typically at the back of his scalp that is immune to baldness, as the hair to be transplanted can be only taken from the patient himself anyone's else's hair won't suffice. So a hair restoration surgery for any baldness syndrome can only be answered after looking at the patient.

Hair Loss can result from a number of reasons. However, the most basic cause of hair loss is genetic inheritance. When the inactive form of male reproductive hormone gets activated, the androgenic hormone shrinks hair follicles causing them to die eventually, which leads to Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness in men. Male pattern baldness is more common than female pattern baldness. Harsh Climate, involuntary reaction to hair products and some drug use can also lead to hair loss.

All procedures at Harley Hair Restoration Clinic starts with an initial consultation where seeking patients can get to know determine and decide their hair restoration procedure, whether they want to opt for surgery at all and weather they are an ideal candidate at all. And also plan hair restoration cost in London as per their desires and expectations from the surgery. The consultation is conducted first with our nurse consultants and then, if the patient genuinely seeks surgery and have enough donor hair to support for it. The consultation can then be carried out with a hair transplant surgeon whom you can choose from our panel and according to their personal profiles, past patient history and availability at the moment.

And this consultation session is offered at free of cost by Harley Hair Restoration Clinic for the benefit of patients to aware and properly assess themselves as to what their exact step might be, whether or not they can really afford such a surgery and all in all just take their decisions with confidence. The free consultation does not apply any hidden costs or conditions.

Hair Restoration Surgery at Harley Hair Transplant Clinic London

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is the process of Hair Transplant surgery that takes the traditional strip harvesting method to a new level with local anesthetics and neo grafting techniques.

Although FUT and strip harvesting looks much of the same but the FUT uses microscopic follicular extraction while strip harvesting used to cut bigger chunks of pluggy tissue of the strip as compared to FUT.

Hence the FUT technique can overcome the obvious and pluggy appearance that used to come with strip harvesting hair transplant. At Harley Hair Restoration Clinic London FUT strip technique is done typically on morning shifts and on an outpatient basis. This is an invasive surgery with maximum predictability.

This surgery can be performed under a day care in the surgeon's office and under general anesthesia that uses your own hair, usually from the back of your head and implants in the bald area. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the process of minimally invasive long procedure that works on individual hair follicular units to be extracted or plucked from the recipient area and planted to the donor area—one by one each follicular graft unit.

Hair Transplant FUE surgery can stretch up to two or more sessions to complete the whole grafting as determined. FUE surgery at Harley Hair Restoration Clinic London is widely performed with modern and advanced specialized equipments and Neo Grafting technique that extracts one by one donor hair individually and plant the same hair follicles in the recipient area, individually and meanwhile helps keep the hair grafts from breaking or damaging allowing the surgeon much more control and flexibility over the surgery.

The best part about Hair Transplant FUE is it causes less visibility of the scars and if there is limited donor hair in the scalp, with body hair follicular unit extraction (BHFUE) donor hair that is resistant to synthetic steroids can be extracted from other hair bearing areas in the patient's body, like arms, legs, chest.


During recovery, it is only normal to feel varying amounts of pain, bleeding and resulting discomfort for the first night up to 3 consecutive days. But not more than that, all discomfort is supposed to subside within no more than 3 days.

Our nurse consultants will keep continued contact to see that your recovery is as smooth as possible and no infection or scarring persists. Patients can and should always and many times over fell free to call us for all kinds of help regarding their recovery.

Complete recovery from the wounds and suture scar shall take a month. Shock loss is another normal side effect of hair restoration surgery wherein patients tend to lose hair right after the surgery and this is just a reaction to the surgery which is temporary, the hair that will be transplanted would be baldness resistant hair follicles that will keep growing hair back for lifetime. Hence the hair lost at shock loss will be regained within a few months or so.

Other procedures at Harley Hair Transplant Clinic

Other than scalp hair, eyebrow hair restoration and hair transplant corrective surgeries are also performed at Harley Hair Restoration Clinic. All these procedures are conducted under specialist hair transplant surgeons, trichologists, cosmetic dermatologists and friendly nurse consultants who account to every need of the patient.

Eyebrow Hair Restoration procedure is done under micro grafting that restores thin barely-there eyebrows into a defined one, that changes the appeal of your eye line and facial expressions being the focal point of the face and the face is the focal point of the body, thin or cut eyebrows often cause low self consciousness and make-up might be the next best thing against eyebrow hair transplant cost.

Corrective Surgeries are applied on previously performed hair transplants that look nothing close to natural and look rather obvious with

Hair Restoration cost London

At Harley Hair Restoration clinic we do not involve any outsourcing or third party communication to connect with our patients. Seeking individuals will get to talk to and consult with real formally qualified medical consultants specialized in the respective norms. Our price policies and special offers are according to standard hair restoration cost London, and we do not promise to decrease the costs but provide special price policies to make things easier and affordable for everyone.

Hair Transplant surgery cannot be covered by health insurance because it is medically not a life saving procedure certainly, but at Harley Cosmetic Group we can discuss and plan a payment method which can suit you best.

Hair Restoration cost comes graft wise at Harley Hair Restoration Clinic that starts from £2,000 for 500 grafts to £8,750 for 3500 grafts usually, it can go up too depending on the patient's donor density and desired density at the recipient area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive hair restoration surgery which is done under local anesthesia and involves a difficult and time oriented procedure.

In the FUE technique, individual follicular units grafts are extracted directly from the scalp, which is first shaved, then the grafts are individually plucked, one at a time with the use of an 8mm to 1mm punch making tiny punctures around the top of the follicular units. Once extracted, they are implanted in the same strenuous way of implanting one graft at a time. Hair follicles can be extracted from other areas other than the back of the head, like arms and legs of the patient.

A general sitting of FUE hair restoration surgery prolongs up to 10 hours with an extraction of 800-1200 follicular unit grafts, sometimes two more sittings might be required in case of bigger number of hair transplants.

The biggest advantage of FUE hair transplant is that it allows a quick healing with least scarring and the puncture wounds made by the punch close in within days after the surgery, with less or no discomfort.

However, since this hair restoration procedure requires such hard strenuous work, hence, it is an expensive procedure than FUT. The individual extraction of hair from the donor area can sometimes regard to an uneven thickness in areas because of the variations of hair at the donor area while FUT allows and evened preservation of the density.

In the medical field, hair restoration is an ever evolving branch which continues to improve at fast pace. And the latest technology for hair transplantation is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) - which is a minimally invasive hair transplant surgery given the extraction of the follicular units in this process does not require stripping any skin from your scalp and save from the linear scars wherein advanced modern instruments and techniques enable the surgeon to pluck an individual hair follicle directly from the scalp without having to make larger incisions than about 1cm pinprick punctures to the very pores from where the hair grows.

Men and women entering the advanced stage of hair loss and baldness can find this procedure very useful. The receding hair line and patches of baldness can be permanently restored with scars almost undetectable and the recovery the quickest. Thus, the procedure gives way to a painless and easy post-surgical period with much less effort and requirement for post-surgical care.

The Neo Grafting Techniquev

The Neo Graft FUE technique takes the hair transplant procedure to a whole new level wherein it overcomes the linear scarring and the invasiveness caused by the stripping off tissue from the back of the scalp. Hair restoration through Neo Grafting process involves that even very limited donor area can work up full head coverage, of course that's still liable to patient to patient but it certainly can reach the density that is unachievable by FUT.

The Neo Graft FUE Technique enables the surgeon to extract the follicular units directly from the scalp and no linear scar involved. With the specially designed microscopic extraction possible can further keep the follicles intact and about with skilled hands of the hair restoration surgeons and the motorized equipments specially designed for Neo Grafting. The transplantation is permanent and this is all a onetime investment for which you won't need any further surgeries. And since every hair transplant surgery is done determining the donor hair quality and resistance to androgenic reactions, this is a near to perfect procedure.

However, as we have almost a 100% satisfaction and sustain the results forever after, we don't count on drug reactions and any long term illness that can further trigger hair loss even after a hair transplant surgery. These are case sensitive situations and do not hold any significance in day to day life and certainly doesn't deal in any connection with a hair transplant surgery.

Harley Hair Transplant clinic London makes the difference into hair transplant surgeries by years of experienced and an outlook to try new modern ways of betterment as soon as it is introduced.

Our research projects span from hair restoration to head ache and everything that involves the follicles that makes up hair.

And patients treated at Hair Restoration Clinic will have the opportunity to come face to face with some of the eminent hair restoration physicians and surgeons in London and choose their surgeon on an availability basis. We motivate patients to understand the fact that how it is very important in choosing the right surgeon for all kinds of surgeries, not only hair transplant. The final resulting pattern of the hair restoration after surgery depends on the only the surgeons' skillful hands in the way he/she uses the equipment, with all the respect and our dependence at the mercy of our gadgets and hair restoration technologies, we regard our own hands and minds as the root of all innovation.

Often, people make the mistake of concentrating too much on how we extract the grafts and forget the basic rules that apply to artistic hairline design. Novice surgeons are prone to major errors in hairline design, angles and orientation of grafts. So, it is critical that prospective patients evaluate a surgeon's proven expertise using the Follicular Unit Extraction technique AND artistry… extensive experience is required when designing hairlines so they look natural.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is the mostly opted surgery for hair restoration London. This is an invasive surgery done under local anesthetic, which takes 4-6 hours to complete.

For both anterior or vertex pattern baldness, hair is extracted from the patient himself, usually the donor site being the back of his scalp where the hair follicles genetically grow for lifetime. A thin strip of tissue usually containing a good degree of healthy hair follicles is harvested from the donor site and placed under a stereo microscope where very carefully the follicular units are separated into grafts of 1-4 hairs. Once the recipient area of the patient's scalp is prepared for the hair transplant surgery, the surgeon implants the grafts in the marked pattern into the patient's scalp using tiny pin-prick punctures. Once all the grafts have been transplanted, the stripped scalp tissue is closed and sutured back to the place of the donor site.

An FUT hair transplant surgery can be done between morning and afternoon and the patient can leave within evening. With little post-surgery care needed patient can get back to work within 48 hours. Hair will grow as in natural and the patient can expect the results to show from after 2 months of surgery. Gradually the growth will get denser and cover the bald scalp. Final results take 12 months to show that is predictable.

The technique of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) derives from that of the Strip Harvesting process, which is the first and traditional hair transplant surgery procedure.

Follicular Unit Transplant takes the traditional strip harvesting to a new level with local anesthetics and neo grafting techniques. Although FUT and strip harvesting looks much of the same but the FUT uses microscopic follicular extraction while strip harvesting used to cut bigger chunks of pluggy tissue of the strip as compared to FUT. Hence the FUT technique can overcome the obvious and pluggy appearance that used to come with strip harvesting hair transplant.

At Harley Hair Restoration Clinic London FUT strip technique is done typically on morning shifts and on an outpatient basis.

Hair Restoration surgery

The most invasive surgical option in regards to balding remedied, hair transplants is more effective and less conspicuous than ever before. Today's procedures are less painful, less expensive and exhibit less scarring but still require several visits to complete, which means an obvious transition period. Transplants operate by grafting tiny follicular units from hair-growing sections of the scalp to problem areas, so the tiny grafts will be visible until the transplant is finished. (Note: Sometimes "plugs" fall out, take three months to grow and are still visible afterward.) Several options exist (mini-grafts, micro-grafts and follicular-unit relocation), so conduct pre-consultation research before making a decision. Hair transplant surgeons and clinics are abound, so begin you're research here. Should you go this route, a hair transplant could leave you with a much fuller head of hair; but once you're in this hair club, it's hard to get out.

Flap procedure

A more radical option, flap procedures are conducted in three phases and consist of surgically moving a flap of hair-growing scalp to a bald area. While the first two phases are minimally evasive, the third requires a section of skin be moved from point A to point B. But once completed, you have naturally growing hair where there was none before. These procedures can be highly effective when performed properly - again, does your research on the front end - but they do come with setbacks as well.

For one, there's nothing subtle about the procedure: You'll need bandages for a few weeks, and you'll suddenly have hair once those come off. Also, scarring can occur at both the donor and relocation sites, so you may have new "hairlines" all throughout. Despite the time, cost and pain, flap procedures do provide a realistic solution to bald spots.

Scalp reduction

This one is just what it sounds like! In scalp reductions, bald areas of your scalp are surgically removed, and hair-baring tissue is stretched over these areas to offset the difference. Scalp reductions are usually performed in conjunction with flap procedures, but not always. Choosing this alternative means electing the most serious surgical option, and should only be pursued under the care of a highly reputable surgeon. If the procedure is not done properly, permanent "stretch-back" scars can appear at sites where the incisions were made - sure, you'll have less baldness on your head, but you'll have jagged scarring to go with it.

Thinning hair becomes an issue most of us have to face. Some will simply let nature run its course, and others will tackle it head-on. Regardless of which path we choose, we should know that several balding remedies do exist and the best option is always the one that makes us comfortable in our own skin.

Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT)

A strip of skin is removed from the donor
reserve to yield hair grafts. It allows
consistent quality for large grafts numbers.


Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

Individual hair grafts are plucked from
the donor reserve one at a time for
a minimal invasive surgical experience.


Hair Loss Treatment(HLT)

Hair Loss Treatment(HLT)

Treatment of hair loss is done with
medication(oral &topical) treatment; Platelet
Rich Plasma Therapy and Laser Therapy.


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