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Hair Transplant for Baldness

At Harley Hair Transplant Clinic we maintain a friendly relation and communication level with our clients. A surgery or any treatment at Harley Hair Transplant Clinic, London, is only considered after a consultation session with a hair restoration surgeon that the patient can elect from our databases subjected to the surgeon’s availability.

The Consultation:

At the consultation session surgeons regard in building a smooth communication with the patients they meet while answering all kinds of queries that the patient might have regarding hair loss, hair loss treatments and possibilities of a hair restoration surgery. If the patient is considering a surgery, further consultations are fixed with the same surgeon and further proceedings of a how a hair restoration surgery would work for the individual patient would be taken care of that would include assessing the patient’s medical history, current hair as well as overall health condition and future expectations from the surgery, etc.

Each consultation session allows the surgeon to understand the patient as well as the patient to believe in the surgeon and this understanding is maintained at Harley Hair Transplant Clinic so as to deliver a successful surgery every time, much to the patient’s satisfaction and keep up our stature as a leading hair transplant clinic in London.

Donor Dominance:

How the hair transplant process works, has a lot to do with the quality of the patient’s donor dominance. Donor dominance indicates that the hair extracted from the donor site will dominate the recipient site, and won’t respond to androgenic imbalance and will sustain as normally as it would in its former/original place.

Scalp Laxity:

Scalp Elasticity or scalp laxity is mainly the factor of how flexible the scalp is to tolerate the cutting and suturing and over all invasions caused by a hair transplant surgery. Surgeons look for certain looseness in the scalp skin, be it for FUT or FUE hair restoration technique, because as the skin strip is removed or the wider area the grafts are removed and as the opening ends are closed and sutured, the scalp is going to lose that amount of skin and if the skin of the scalp is too tight then it will cause tension which will eventually take more time to heal and might cause pain too. Scalp laxity is assessed at the very consultation and if the scalp of the patient is too tight then some exercises are given to loosen it up.

Ideal time to consider a hair restoration surgery:

It is largely indicated that the ideal time a hair transplant procedure can be considered is when the patient is at a stabilised stage of further hair loss that is leading to baldness that is usually at an older age and anywhere between 40-60 or more.

Hair loss can occur from as young as 18 years age. And younger men are basically prone to more hair loss as they age, and having a hair transplant surgery as soon as hair miniaturization takes place, it might turn up to be a loss on the overall hair restoration cost that the patient has invested on, because the main reason of hair loss being hair follicles that is weak and affected by the DHT that causes it to die, would eventually die.

It is often the case that a person might want to cover up the bald patches before they occur and avoid being noticed with baldness. But it doesn’t work that way and it is advisable to use hair loss treatments and medications of a recognised brand at initial stages of hair loss.

Potential Risks:

All kinds of surgeries bear some amount of potential risks. With a hair restoration surgery, risks include bruising, scarring and infection and folliculitis which is an unnatural inflammation in the hair follicles; as well as unnatural patterns of hair growth can be experienced. At Harley Hair Transplant Clinic, these situations are largely discussed with the patient

Hair Transplant cos:

Medical Insurances do not cover for hair restoration because this is not a life saving procedure. The hair transplant cost basically includes the amount of the grafting or the size of the graft replacement anaesthetics used, surgeon’s fees and hospital charges.

At Harley Hair Transplant Clinic, we assess a few more probabilities while structuring price policies for individual patients. Seeking patients can book an initial consultation session with us, that is offered free of cost, without any hidden charges.