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Post-Op Measures

Post-operational instructions are given out in printed hard copies along with an aided kit from Harley Hair Transplant Clinic to patients before the surgery takes place, which they can properly restore in their bags and purses. Post-operational instruction is a list of to-do and not-to-do activities indicated by the hair restoration surgeon to sustain a better recovery and fine results.

The day of the Surgery

Patients can go home instantly as the surgery is over, however, patient most probably would require a friend or help to accompany them to travel home and spend the first night with.

Patients will be given out a proper assembled aiding kit that will contain a medicated shampoo; some ointment to reduce crusting; saline spray to cool the area if it burns; sufficient gauze to cover around the forehead to soak seeping blood etc.

The first night and 2-3 days the patient must keep the head elevated and sleep and rest in a sitting position.

Showering can be done the very next day with clean non-chlorinated water. Do not use shampoo or touch the head or expose the head directly under the shower. Use a cup or even hand your own hand to gently pour over the head and that is it.

Alcohol, aspirins, smoking must be restricted to 2 weeks or more as indicated by the surgeon.

Bleeding, pain and feeling like someone is pulling the hair sensations and varied amounts of swelling will be felt in heightened or minor levels after the surgery till 2-3 days. If the pain is unbearable then prescribed pain killers can be taken. Gently soak the blood if it streams down the forehead, otherwise keep the scalp left loose to heal on its own and do not touch. If bleeding persists beyond control, consult your surgeon then and there.

Consultant nurses and will keep in touch with the patient all through the week post-op period so keep the phone lines and contacts of yours open and reachable.

Some hair grafts can just come off, which is called shock loss. Do not panic as this is a normal side effect and would not as it doesn’t affect the final result. However, if the shock persists to more than a few grafts, then you can start to panic and call the surgeon meanwhile. But as we have never received such calls at Harley Hair Transplant Clinic, we presume that is a rare condition if not impossible.

3 days Post Operation

Direct contact with the following things must be protected to avoid infection and deterred grafts:

  • Direct Sunlight
  • Dirty water including: salt or sea water or the water out in lakes or rain
  • Hair packs
  • Hair Oil

Shower using the medicated shampoo given by the clinic but do not rub the scalp but gently smear the shampoo and wash it off with gentle pouring of water from a cup or your own hands or very slow and gentle level of a hand shower. Never stroke or try to feel the rough scalp or hold the hair to see its length.

Minimum 5-7 days of downtime must be given or as indicated by the surgeon, usually, it is not possible to rejoin a 9-5 desk job within 3 days post op. Avoid strenuous movements till the time the surgeon say okay. That includes swimming in clean water, or any home movements like cleaning the garage or fixing the car. Talking over the phone, working from home, using the computer for 2-3 hours; getting some water from the fridge watching some TV is fine. The idea is to keep it less and light.

Apply the ointments on the affected area as suggested by the surgeon. The crusting would fall of would not persists more than 10 days.

15 Days Post Op and further care

Sutures and staples shall be removed by 2 weeks post operation.

Does not use brisk combing or hot oil massages to purpose that hair will grow better, it will grow on its own do wash the scalp off dirt and grime with the medicated shampoo.

Avoid friends from touching the grafts and “feel” the rough scalp in the recipient area or hold the grafts to see the length. Or run fingers through them for the couple of month till the grafts mature.

Do not spend too much time in the sunlight and try covering the head with clean hats and bandanas.

Hair Spray or styling gels might be used, but it’s advisable to avoid it for better.

Usual lifestyle, sun exposure, swimming, running finger thought hair and styling and coloring can be resumed by the end of 3 months or so.

Final results start to emerge from 10th month post operation and can settle at 12 months.