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Pre-Op Measures

Pre-Operative Instructions

Pre-operational instructions are given out from Harley Hair Transplant Clinic in printed hard copies to patients after their qualification as an ideal candidate after due medical evaluation for a hair restoration surgery whether of FUT or FUE hair transplant procedures. The pre-op instruction contains a list of activities to follow for the patient and other safety precautions.

15 Days to surgery

Alcohol consumption and smoking must be restricted from at least 2weeks before a hair transplant surgery, because the alcohol mixed with blood keeps its affect as long as 15days which might deter the affect of local anaesthetics and cause trauma and excessive bruising during the operation. And the nicotine consumption through smoking might cause infection as well.

Stop or at least reduce the intake of caffeine (Tea, Coffee, Cola and such aerated drinks) as the stimulant agents in caffeine would also deter the affects of anaesthetics and be might be exposed to bruising and infection.

With due evaluation of the patient’s drug usage, there might some restriction on drugs like aspirin, Vitamin E supplements, antibiotics etc. A detailed list will be given based on patient’s individual drug usage.

In case of FUT hair transaplantation try to keep the hair at the back of the scalp ideally 3inches or more, that will allow instant camouflage of the linear stitches and scar.

7 days to surgery

Restrict the intake of Vitamin either of E and B supplements, including multivitamin capsules. As these supplements will increase bleeding.

Avail the medications and list of items that will be given from the clinic before hand to before your surgery day so that you don’t have to go through any turmoil or loss during the time when you would need them the most.

Engage a friend or arrange a nurse to escort you home and stay with you at the first night because as the effect of the anaesthetics patient might feel overtly dizzy that might prove dangerous to travel or stay alone.

If you are not from London, you will need to stay in London the night for it is not safe to drive more than 2hrs to your way home. In that case, we can recommend you proficient lodging for the purpose.

If there is a sudden cold or fever occurring before the surgery, then the patient must inform the clinic, and we would post-pone the date without any second word.

Patients with white or grey hair are advised to color their hair to a darker shade at least by 3days prior surgery. Because light color hair makes the hair follicle hard to detect from the scalp tissue. And the traces of dye must be washed off from the scalp which might take more than 3days.

24 hours to surgery

Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before the surgery as to feel fresh and loose any tensions for the coming morning. The point is, chill out.

Have a good shower and wash the hair using your own regular shampoo the night before or the morning of the surgery.

Do not use any hair gels, conditioners, oils, hair sprays or mousse or any such live-in products after washing your hair. Just use the shampoo, nothing else.

Have proper breakfast before arriving at the clinic.

Do not wear pull over shirts; wear a button down loose shirt which does not involve the head to wear on or off.

Arrange for a friend to drive you home and stay with you for at least the first night, rather than taking a cab or public vehicles and a cab driver.

You can bring with you a clean hat to cover your head while going home after the surgery.

You can bring your tab or some DVDs you might like to watch during the procedure. Listening to music through ear plugs sometimes is not supported during a hair transplant surgery.