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Biofibre Hair Implant

Biofibre Hair Implant

High Technology Hair Implant System – For baldness treatment for both men and women

If one doesn’t have sufficient donor hair on the scalp, there is nothing to worry. With the introduction of a progressive treatment procedure of Biofibre Hair Implant, a solution for the problem of baldness for both women and men with a poor donor zone has been found. High Technology Hair Implant System is a method of hair transplant, giving an instant outcome in just one sitting, where there is no more waiting period for hair re-growth. This is also a highly suitable option for any kind of age group and even completely bald persons. These artificial hair implants are prepared from a non- reactive, the human tissue – friendly substance, which offers a completely natural end result in respect of both texture and color.

Being a simple and quick process to perform, BioFibre requires no additional recovery time and is subject to minimal amount of discomfort. The transformation is immediate and one that will definitely help you boost your confidence and self esteem.

Biofibre – these are artificial hairs which are Biocompatible CE certified for hair implants certified as effective and safe medical devices for treating baldness in men and women due to the following factors

  • Biofibre hairs are made of materials being approved by FDA, CE, etc for medical purpose
  • Biofibre hairs are well tolerated by the tissue on the skin and are biocompatible
  • Biofibre hairs are being made with the inert materials which are not at all harmful for the human body producing plugs of keratin obstructing the microbial agents from being penetrating the pseudo-infundibulum
  • Biofibre hairs do not break away easily since they are resistant to tensile stress and flexible allowing enduring aesthetic effect and as well as for if needed for removal
  • Biofibre hairs have a special feature of a reversible knot ensuring excellent strength of the implantation and if needed it allows to be removed without leaving behind any sort of scars
  • Biofibre hairs have features favoring a fast wound healing and reducing the site offering a perfect and lifelong aesthetic results due to their attributes of strongly resistant, fine, softly and flexibility
  • Biofibre hairs are available in different lengths, styles and colours and also they are identical to the natural hair such as straight, wavy or curly
  • This implant is provided at our clinic, Advanced Harley Hair Clinic situated at Harley Street in London with a qualified and board certified surgeon guaranteeing the best and long lasting solution for baldness.


The hair texture and the preferences of patients are given the priority to choose their own hair length and colour. Firstly, 100 of biofibres are being implanted into the bald area as a test reaction. It’s only after 1 week of the test examination, that it can be seen whether there is any reaction resulting from it or not, allowing the remaining fibres to be planted in one single session under the administration of local anesthesia with no downtime and one can get back to work just after the procedure.

Why Biofibre Hair Implant

This technique of Biofibre Hair Implant is for those candidates who are willing to resolve the problem of being bald effectively and safely with an instant and lifelong aesthetic result. This is one of the most minimally non invasive, safe and effective technique to treat the balding areas with lower donor zone.


This whole technique is developed to achieve a long lasting results, which the Medical and Scientific Researchers has stated. The whole technique of Biofibre Hair Implant is a non invasive and minimally invasive light aesthetic surgery, making it possible to obtain completely natural looking hair thickening with an instant results for both female and male Alopecia (baldness).

This technique guarantees safety and effectiveness

  • By the raw materials being used by the Biofibre Hair production are approved by the FDA and CE for medical purpose
  • The CE approved the Biofibre Hair Implant fully reversible and biocompatible for medical device
  • By the implanting devices used, it gurantees a perfect transplantation procedure with a long lasting outcome

Advantages Of Biofibre Hair Implant

  • Instant natural looking results
  • Within few hours high density
  • Reversible, painless outpatient procedure, quick and simple
  • Allowing the patients to lead a sporty, active lifestyle post operation
  • Providing a progressive and gradual hair thickening which economically affordable
  • Requiring no post operative maintenance to keep the desired outcome
  • IS NOT BINDING: since it can be stopped and performed whenever the patient desires so and the whole implant can be performed either alone or combined with any other medical treatments as well

Disadvantages Of Biofibre Hair Implant

  • It requires small re-implants to maintain the aesthetic outcome achieved
  • The scalp should be suitably hygiene
  • It is not suited for sensitive patients for pre-implants test or for patients who are suffering from any scalp diseases

This technique of Biofibre Hair Implant is best and worthwhile for Anti-Aging procedure, since it consists of inserting the fibres under the anesthesia lightly scalps until the desired outcome is achieved. This method is recommended both for men and women facing alopecia (baldness) of every age. It can be combined with any other hair restoration techniques to obtain the desired aesthetic results as per necessity.