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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows enhance the eye line and the eyes enhance emotions, empathy and the face that is the focal feature of a person’s overall appearance. And with eyebrow hair loss, or barely-there eyebrows thicker and dense eyebrows might be wished which can safely and easily be restored with an eyebrow hair restoration procedure.

As the hair loss from scalp is naturally and medically regarded as a hormonal reaction of androgenic alopecia whereas eyebrow hair loss can be naturally insignificant and there can be many reasons for it that is cosmetically uncertain. It can be anything, like eyebrow tattoo; continued plucking and threading; some reaction to facial creams and cosmetics; or any disease or disorder like alopecia areata, a cut, a burn etc.

The Structure of the Eyebrows :

The hair angles in the eyebrows forms in a way of criss-cross pattern wherein as the hair at the tail of the eyebrows direct in a outward-downward angle as it closes on the head of the eyebrows closer to the nose, the hair changes its angle in an outward-upward direction as the hair in the middle of the eyebrows consists of a proper criss-cross pattern.

Another characteristic about the angling of the eyebrow hair that the hair grows flat in the skin’s surface in contrast that to the scalp hair which grows in about 45 degrees in the, for example if you can see the head of a soldier’s close cropped hair, the hair angles are not flat, unlike the eyebrow hairs.

Individual 1hair follicles grow in the eyebrows rather than a 2 or more hair unit. And while performing an eyebrow hair restoration surgery, single hair follicles are planted to the recipient area.

The hair growth cycle of the eyebrow hair happens to be shorter than that of the scalp. That means, about the anlagen (growth of the hair) phase lasts 4months before leading to the deluge (resting of the hair and falling out). While the scalp hair extends this phase by 3-7years.

Eyebrow hair transplantation procedure :

The procedure can be done the same day of the consultation and will take 4-5 hours to complete under local anaesthesia. There is no downtime; patient can go home immediately with or without any help.

Eyebrow hair restoration follows the same process of taking permanent donor hair and placing according to the pattern. And in case of eyebrows the pattern is the king of the castle.

The surgeon will firstly design the absolute pattern with a marker, as according to the desired result and once the ideal pattern and angle as according to patient’s desire is achieved, the brow line is injected with the local anaesthesia which could be minor or much painful, according to the patient’s tolerance of an injection.

Follicular Unit Extraction is patently used to perform eyebrow hair restoration, and ideal hair to be used for eyebrows is found in the nape of the neck with the most soft and fine hair. Usually 2hair grafts are used for eyebrows. Female eyebrows suffice 200-300 1-2hair grafts while for men’s style about 400 1-2hair grafts are planted. But conclusively number of grafts varies according to the patient’s desire.

Complications and side effects

Eyebrow hair restoration bears no such complications or side effects, however, when there is a surgery involved, must not to forget that this is done on the face and even minor scarring can be abhorred.

As the transplanted hair is taken from a zone where the length is more than a natural eyebrow hair, the transplanted hair might tend to grow as usual length which would need trimming and shaping.

During the healing process, as the wounds contract the recipient sites often elevate the skin a little. Same might happen with the eyebrow region as the scars would completely heal; there might remain a slight elevation of the skin. For more close view patient’s can refer to the surgeon and determine from the before after images of past patients.

In contrast to hair transplants, where the donor hair is taken from another part of the scalp and matches perfectly, with eyebrow transplants the hair is taken from a part of the body other than the eyebrows and will thus have slightly different characteristics with regard to both growth rate and appearance. If they are different, then over time, the transplanted scalp hair will slowly begin to approximate the growth pattern and characteristics of the existing eyebrow hair – but it may never totally match it.

The appearance of an eyebrow transplant will mature over the course of a year. At that time, an additional eyebrow hair transplant procedure may be considered. During this interval, the eyebrow can be tweezed and shaped as needed.