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Follicular Unit Extraction/ FUE hair transplant is the minimal invasive procedure wherein individual follicular units are harvested from the donor area by directly plucking one hair graft at a time using specialised tools and motorised equipments that enable less scarring and quick healing.

FUE hair transplant procedure is ideal for smaller areas of baldness, eyebrow hair transplantation and scar fixing procedures. However, if there is limited donor hair at the back of the scalp to cover for the given recipient area, the utility of FUE technique allow the possibility that donor hair can be harvested from other hair baring areas of the patient than the scalp, like arms, legs, chest, beard etc. with Body Hair Transplant (BHT / Body hair FUE (BHFUE)).

An FUE hair restoration procedure depends on individual patient’s condition and suitability as the quality of the donor hair taken from the body might differ from the scalp hair and affect the overall result. These situations are well understood at Harley Hair Transplant Clinic and it can be much utilized with the artistry of talented surgeons who are highly skilled in using the techniques into delivering best results.

Ideal Candidacy of FUE hair transplantation

Ideal candidacy for the FUE procedure is basically same as FUT that the patient should have sufficient donor hair to provide for the recipient site, either at the back of the scalp or for BHT (body hair transplant) there is to be sufficient body hair.

Having realistic expectation about the whole procedure is also a critical point as to be sure of how this thing works is very important for an ideal candidate:

  • FUE hair transplantation is not a non-surgical procedure, it is but minimal invasive. There will be scars too, but the only difference is that the FUE scars are much subdued and heal quicker than the FUT scar.
  • If applying for large amount of hair restoration, the patient must be willing to wear the hair at the back of the scalp very short permanently for covering the top of the scalp because the hair taken from donor zone won’t grow again.

FUE procedure

FUE hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia and would require the patient to shave the entire back of the scalp for the hair transplant surgeons to identify the 2-5 hair follicular groupings. The patient can relax, watch a movie, take a nap, or listen to music all through while the procedure.

It basically involves making pinprick incisions identifying the 2-5 hair follicular units and by making a circle around the follicular units it is pulled out with a little fatty tissue to bind the follicles intact as a whole hair graft and thus harvested from the scalp and planting the hair grafts to the recipient site is pretty much the same process as with the FUT. But with the whole one at a time donor harvesting procedure with FUE, it can take several, up to 10 hours under one session for large grafting and surgeries exceeding more than 1200 grafts can require up to 3sittings to completion.

The hair transplant surgeon will use a number of specialised instruments that basically consists of fine needled punches and forceps to extract the hair follicular directly from the donor zone. The FUE hair transplant procedure is wholly dependent on the precision of a hair transplant surgeon and his command over the instruments he uses.

Body Hair Transplant (BHT) / Body Hair FUE (BHFUE)

The utility of FUE hair transplantation allows that hair can be extracted from the body like arms, legs, chest etc. the skin in the body is much more flexible than the scalp skin, which means a higher percentage of healthy hair follicles can be extracted with the method used is follicular isolation technique (FIT).

Differences between FUT and FUE

The comparison between FUT and FUE is largely discussed while the truth is that there is no such pros and cons of FUE that have significant logic in general because the ideal hair transplant procedure actually depends entirely on the patient’s condition as to what is the ideal choice for the individual patient at the given suitability.

The major difference between FUT and FUE is the way the donor hair is harvested, the quality of the donor hair and the scar it leaves on the donor zone. While the FUT procedure is better at harvesting the best quality donor hair, FUE hair transplant is better at doing it with least scarring. Other than these areas the whole procedure of graft dissecting, graft processing and implanting them at the recipient site is pretty much the same. And when conclusively the end result is and fuller hair restoration, at which both the procedures prosper at.