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FUT Pros and Cons

With the advent of the minimal invasive FUE procedure, the limitations of the FUT strip procedure magnifies in the eyes of seeking patients despite the several innovations and raised benefits. But the FUE procedure has its limitations too, and sometimes patients misunderstand both the procedures.

FUT strip procedure is still the best option for ideal candidates that are in need of a large hair transplant session. The potentials of FUT are greater with the innovation of follicular grafting, and using local anaesthesia, and a host of other improvisations. Whilst, the greatest downside of FUT procedure could be the sacrifice of a strip of skin and potential risk of a wider unsightly scarring.

Advantages OF FUT

  • Large number of even quality hair grafts could be yielded with minimal graft transection rate, with the microscopic open dissection for the skin strip.
  • The procedure much less labourous as compared to the FUE procedure, and less extensive, requiring adequate, time, and expense. Dissection of up to 3,500 hair grafts could be completed within 4-5hours so the surgery could be completed within one outpatient session. No Hospital is required cutting down on the expense of it.
  • The linear scar though is the greatest disadvantage of the FUT strip procedure, can be well camouflaged and be less provocative, as performed under ace surgeons. Given this possibility, the donor region used in the FUT procedure is actually much smaller than the FUE procedure. Contrary to popular belief, the FUE procedure is not a “scar free” procedure. FUE procedure rather uses a wider donor area which might not exhibit a patchy scar, but larger area of the back of the scalp gets thinned hair density and pin prick scars like a golf ball. It limits styling options any other way than a buzz cut.
  • The FUT strip procedure less expensive than the FUE procedure.

Disadvantages of FUT

  • The linear scar is inevitably the greatest disadvantage with FUT. The scar sometimes forms into a keloid, and the patient requires to be very carefully chosen. Effluvium around the linear scar can widen the appearance even more, and require further scar revision procedure.
  • This isn’t a good option for limited donor hair despite the fact that it could save maximum hair grafts, because with thin donor zones, there won’t be enough hair to cover the linear scar. Short cropped hairstyles will also face the same problem.
  • The healing time after the surgery is extended from 2-3 weeks even more. As the vascular and muscular This also requires refraining from strenuous physical activity and sports, which might be a problem for those to whom exercise and activity is important, such as athletes.